online workshop in technical analysis

Program Highlights

  • Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Trends, Candlesticks, Patterns, etc.
  • Major Indicators & Oscillators.
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Strategies

Targeted Participants

Graduates / Post Graduates / Working Professionals / Housewives.


Working Professionals from leading companies.

Teaching Methodology

  • Supply of Study Material
  • Explanation Through Audio Calls (8 Audio Calls Over 4 Weekends)
  • Online evaluation.
  • Workshop Certification.

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Kashish Rejhwani

+91 86248 10430

Investor Relations Society Is Founded By A Group of Professionals. It Organizes Investor Relations Awards For India Inc In Various Categories. It Has Held Such Events So Far In Association With BSE, Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reuters, BNY Mellon, Bloomberg, KPMG, and IR Magazine, London.

It Has Also Launched Certification In Investor Relations With BSE Institute. This Apart, It Runs Several Short Term Programs For Empowerment Of Shareholders Wealth.

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